About Us

What's a cheese crisp?

It's like a cheese straw, but round! The formula used is based on a family recipe that has been fine tuned over a decade.  I wanted a light, crispy, full flavored crisp with a sharp cheddar flavor, and just a slight spicy kick in the finish.  After hundreds of test batches, it's been perfected to please even the most ardent 'cheese straw snob'.

Why 'Merry'?

It's short for a family nickname I was called as a child: it brings back many happy memories.  It's my hope that happy memories are made with Merry Cheese Crisps: in the South, many memories and traditions are based around favorite family recipes.  In starting this business, I knew that expectations would be high.  Southerners grow up with cheese straws, and are very particular about what they want.  Hearing a customer say,"they remind me of my mother's or grandmother's cheese straws" is thrilling.  Not only are they delicious, they will take you back to a time of lovingly prepared fresh, small batch treats.  Be Merry, and make great memories year round!

Where do we make them?

Merry Cheese Crisps are made in our own facility in Birmingham, AL.   We are committed to producing locally, and inclined to believe no one can make them the "Merry Way".