With Gratitude

Merry Cheese Crisps would not be a business without the support and encouragement of friends and family.  While working for Sybil Sylvester (Wildflower Designs), a renowned floral designer based in Birmingham, AL, I was encouraged to start selling my cheese crisps. After taking some to Sybil, she ordered several bags for holiday gifts.  Thank you Sybil for being my first customer and for encouraging me to start this business!

My family: wow!  George, Mom, Jim, Dad, Helen, Becky, Nancy, Danice, Ann, George, Ann Dial, Will, cousins Lory and Melba....I can't thank you enough for your support and advice.

Friends: So many friends in the Junior League of Birmingham, especially Elizabeth Burgess, have been incredible supporters and motivators: thank you ladies! Liz, Mimi, Carey Martin, Kelly, thanks for advice, time, encouragement, and 'pushing' Merry Cheese Crisps.

Kindness of Strangers: Yes, nice people still exist!  I've had the pleasure to be contacted by customers who want to help me get my product in new stores. These new friendships are the best part of this business & why I started it after all: connecting to people through the passion of what we're producing.


Friends in the Biz: Ashley Tarver, www.copperpotkitchen.com, Rebecca Williamson, www.holmstedfines.com

Wow!  What a journey we're all on: thanks so much for support, listening, laughing, crying.


Finally, I've got to emphasize the incredible talents based in Birmingham, AL,that make Merry Cheese Crisps a product.  I'm lucky to have sourced nearly everything locally: graphic artist: Karly Martin, photographer: Catherine Mayo, website developer: Nate Schmidt (instagift), label maker: Americandesign (and neighbors Kelly & John Higgins).  Pepper Place Market thank you for such an amazing venue for local 'foodies'!!